April 2021 Early Bird Draw

The SLMHC Foundation has exciting 50/50 draws every month! To date we have given out almost $200,000 in prizes! Money raised from these 50/50 draws goes towards equipment and updates at Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre. We are also excited to offer monthly Early Bird Draws, which gives 50/50 ticket buyers a chance to win $1000! For this month’s Early Bird Draw, the $1000 prize was generously donated by the George family (Jack, Bill, Maria, Julia, Natalie and Bruce), in memory of Arlene George, who is always on their minds and in their hearts.

Thank you the George family for their generous donation! The next Early Bird Draw is on April 23 at 11 a.m. Get your tickets for the 50/50 draw before this time to get a chance to take home $1000.

Visit the SLMHC Foundation website for more details on the monthly 50/50 draws, ongoing Early Bird Draws and the rules/FAQs. Thank you for supporting your community’s hospital!

In memory of Arlene George.