New Addition of Long Bed to SLMHC Courtesy of Local Legion Ladies Auxiliary Fundraising Efforts

Members of the Legion Ladies Auxiliary Br. 78 pose with SLMHC hospital and Foundation staff alongside the new long bed acquired as a result of the auxiliary’s fundraising efforts.
From left: Kate Singbeil (SLMHC Patient Care Manager/Med Surge/ER/Day Med), Melissa Slade (Foundation Donor Relations/Operations Coordinator), Dean Osmond (SLMHC President and CEO), Legion Ladies Auxiliary Members Carol-Ann Madsen, Jacqueline Southwell, Charron Sippola, Mario, Serson and Sandra Lockhart. (Photo courtesy Tim Brody / Sioux Lookout Bulletin)

A new hospital bed has been purchased through the SLMHC Foundation to make hospital stays more comfortable for taller patients. This new bed comes as a result of fundraising efforts by Sioux Lookout’s Legion Ladie’s Auxillary Br. 78 and all who generously supported their efforts. The idea came to the group after two auxiliary members witnessed first hand the discomfort that the current 7′ beds resulted in for taller patients. The goal to purchase a longer bed became a reality with fundraising efforts occurring between May and November of 2023.

While Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre’s current Stryker Acute beds are an unextendible 7’long, the new ProCuity bed can extend to 8′ with the bed foot extender mattress or be kept at the standard length of 7″. The new bed is also a bit wider at 42″ as compared to the usual 41″ for additional comfort. It has a weight capacity of 650lbs and can be lowered significantly more than other beds within the hospital, adding value to the patient experience and care. The SLMHC Foundation is incredibly grateful for the continuous generosity and commitment to health care that is shown by our community groups and residents. This is a perfect example of the desire to keep quality health care and positive patient experience close to home.

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